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Firm Overview

Suitter Axland, PLLC was organized in 2005 building upon the experience of a 30-year old firm and combining attorneys with over 100 years of legal experience. Suitter Axland, PLLC practices in all state and federal courts and before various administrative bodies. The firm and its attorneys are actively involved in county, state, national and international groups of both legal and non-legal nature. Suitter Axland, PLLC contributes volunteer service and financial support to many non-profit arts, religious, charitable, educational and civic organizations. Suitter Axland specializes in commercial litigation, including products liability, construction defects, real property disputes and other expert intensive claims and litigation. The firm retains national experts, oversees their work to preserve work product immunity, and consults with them in the preparation of their review of opposing experts and in the preparation of their own reports. Although all of this work is conducted in anticipation of litigation the firm has also been successful in settling claims prior to the initiation of litigation in order to reduce potential adverse publicity and minimize potential exposure. Suitter Axland and its attorneys are also experienced in a vast array of additional practice areas, including antitrust, appellate practice, civil litigation, corporations, civil rights, governmental regulation and intellectual property. Suitter Axland attorneys have conducted over 500 trials and handled over 4,500 claims, a majority of which involved product liability claims.